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75th anniversary album out now
Sigmund Groven has been a musician and composer for several decades. This is now celebrated with the release of Sigmund Groven In Concert, a special compilation mostly featuring previously unreleased live recordings. From Sigmund’s own compositions to famous classical music, and from Norwegian stages to international concert halls, In Concert offers no less than 26 tracks and a 24 page booklet with background stories and details. The album is available as a CD and as digital files as well as streams. Read more about the album in our presentations (English and Norwegian versions available).

Confirmed concerts

Concerts are in Norway unless otherwise mentioned. Please check this page later in case of cancellations or delays due to the current pandemic.

  • June 24th – 27th, Selbu: Harmonica seminar at the Norwegian Harmonica Forum. Church concert at Selbu church on the 26th at 4 pm. Sigmund performs with Ådne Svalastog (piano and organ), Tore Reppe (harmonica) and seminar participants.
  • June 27th, Selbu: Concert at Norsk Radio & Fjernsynsmuseum. Sigmund performs with Håvard Svendsrud (accordion) and others at 5 pm.
  • August 9th, Elverum: Sigmund is the soloist with The Norwegian National Youth Orchestra (Ungdomssymfonikerne), conducted by Ingar Bergby. The theme of the concert is Kjell Aukrust, author and illustrator. The concert takes place at Terningen Arena at 7 pm. More info at
  • August 14th, Bø: Concert at Telemarksfestivalen at 8.30 pm. Sigmund performs with Knut Buen (hardanger fiddle) and Halvor Kleppen (entertainer).
  • September 5th, Ringerike: Concert together with Marianne Bye Granheim (mezzo-soprano) and Henning Sommerro (organ and piano). The concert takes place at 6 pm at Hole church.
  • September 21st, Skien: The sound of Telemark, a concert with Knut Buen, Sigmund Groven and Anne Gravir Klykken. Music from the album of the same name. The location is Ibsenhuset.
  • NEW FORMAT November 5th & 6th Germany/online: World Harmonica Festival 2021 in Trossingen. The traditional physical festival have been cancelled due to the current circumstances.
  • April 26th – May 1st, 2022, Hong Kong: Hong Kong International Chromatic Harmonica Competetion 2022

Sigmund, Halvor Kleppen (in the middle) and Knut Buen will entertain the audience at Telemarksfestivalen.


Sigmund Groven in Kristiansand, Norway, on May 12th 2021. (Note the distance between each audience member. Only 10% of the seats were used.)

Media appearances


As of August 2018, Sigmund is a harmonica teacher at the Norwegian Academy of Music. The academy is the highest level of music education in Norway.

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